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Are you trying to find a way to organize, plan and execute Agile projects? We can help you by providing you a unique SaaS solution that gives real-time, 360 degree visibility into assigned tasks, metrics, and progress of your team, removing latencies and giving you a way to manage agile practices for continuous improvement.

What you can get with HP Agile Manager it´s

Plan: A drag and drop interface which help you to easy create releases, sprint planning, task allocations and capacity management across all the team and individual resources.

Collaboration: All members of the team can get insight of the project landscape, workflow and potential issues or bottlenecks, and we offer integration with HP testing tools to offer you a comprehensive continuous integration.

Track: Advanced development analytics aggregate source code and build information to surface meaningful insights into application changes, allowing for precise risk analysis and more informed decisions.

Alignment: Strategically aligning empowered agile teams with enterprise business objectives.

Higher Code Quality: Assuring systemic quality of code vital to any business that depends on software.

Transparency: Helping teams be hyper-productive and highly efficient through fully visible work environments.

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HP Agile Manager

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