A continuous deployment solution that provides automation and release management of complex multi-tier applications across the application lifecycle.

Automate the deployment of your applications by using a graphical topology designer, trigger deployments automatically with Jenkins, and embrace existing content from Chef, Docker, Amazon Web Services, and more.



HP CODAR ke features:

Unique Application Modeling: Use a unique, simple declarative approach with reusable components to orchestrate application components and infrastructure requirements.


Application Pipeline Management: Get visibility and enforce continuous deployment requirements for promotion to next lifecycle stage by using automated release management.


Extensive Out-of-the-Box Integration: Integrate with HP, open source, and third-party tools such as Jenkins, Helion Public Cloud, Docker, VMware vCenter, AWS, and more, and leverage open APIs for custom integrations.


Have better visibility and control of the application pipeline, and enforce requirements for promotion to the next lifecycle stage.

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