Managed Services and SaaS

Next Generation SaaS and Managed Services

Customer needs evolve and traditional managed services often cannot run efficiently or effectively. Since automation is our expertise, we can offer you the ability to gain control and reduce service provider response time through self-service. Our solution helps you serve yourself on an end user interface accessible even from tablets.

Full Automation:

Because we born on automation, our people focused on automate tasks an get this tasks available for customers, to execute on demand, you don’t have to wait for an operator to solve your need, you can go to our portal an run your tasks instantly, and we add more new tasks constantly.


Secure & Scalable

All of our solutions runs on secure environments and also on datacenters with the best certifications in the market, all our connections between datacenters and customers offices are secured so everything runs on secure environments. We can also help small, medium, and enterprise customers, our solutions are made for the smallest and scalable to help the biggest.

Self Service:

Tired to wait so long time to have a request processed? We provide you a self-service portal to server your services in minutes, not days. We also have a complete catalog to serve, PaaS, IaaS, compliance, patching, and much more…


Hybrid Operations:

Our services allows customer to extend our operational model to it offices. That means if you like the way we operate and control IT you can get your infrastructure to our datacenters and public cloud, or you can keep it at home and we manage the infrastructure remotely.

You can also get all our cloud and automation solutions from our SaaS or Managed Services offering, check our solutions to get more information.