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Cloud Services & Solutions

Be elastic, standardize infrastructure usage, and create services ready to be consumed by the end user through a simple interface. Provision complete enterprise ready services and track all of your cloud usage to analyze where your money is going in the cloud. We can help you determine who your best providers are.


We can help you on your journey to the cloud, assessing your capabilities and processes and determine what the best solution is for your company. Sometimes a vendor lock in solution is appropriate; often a non-vendor lock in solution is better. Let the experts guide you in this very important decision.


We also help you to plan, deliver, and run your private cloud solution. We also get you training on our solutions to have your staff ready to operate our software.


Our partnered solution for private cloud are HP Helion CloudSystem: An enterprise-grade, end-to-end private and hybrid cloud solution that delivers advanced infrastructure services with platform and application services for hybrid cloud environments.


HP Helion CloudSystem Enterprise is an open and complete cloud solution. Available as software or as an integrated combination of storage, servers, networking, and software, you can build and consume private and hybrid cloud approaches ideally suited to your business and technology objectives. And since it was built with integration in mind, you can incorporate cloud services with your existing IT assets, making it a perfect fit no matter where your organization is on the journey to cloud.

We also help you to plan, deliver, and run your own private cloud solution. We'll get you trained on our solutions and operating our software quickly.


And we offer services from the following public cloud services:

We can enable you through our self-service portal to consume an centralize information on Public Clouds on a single place, you can serve multiple services over the public cloud and we can charge you in a monthly basis, just to enjoy the public cloud and pay later.


And we offer services from the following public cloud services like:

-Infraestructure as a Service:


  • Virtual Machines on Public Cloud
  • Enterprise Virtual Machines on VMWARE.
  • Physical Servers


-Platform as a Service: Get the platform you need to run your services.

-Database as a Service: Run with us Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MY SQL and PostgreSQL.

-Directory as a Service: Need directory services on demand, we can provide you Active Directory or LDAP services.

-Network as a Service: Create your own network infrastructure based on SDN with us.

-VPN as a Service: Want to connect your cloud resources to your infrastructure; you can do that with us.

-Backup as a Service: Need to backup information for a better price, we can offer to you multiple locations backups.

-Storage as a Service: Get more space for your servers which actually runs with us, and just pay for what you use.

-Compliance as a Service: Want to check your servers and network devices against the most popular market compliance regulations, like PCI, SOX, etc. We can do that for you.

-Patching as a Service: Centralized the patch of your complete infrastructure, we can deploy patches to the servers you have with us, or remotely.

-IT Automation as a Service: Want to run automation jobs from our extensive library? Pay just for each time a scheduled or scheduled job runs.

-Disaster Recovery as a Service: Working with our solutions you can restore your servers or applications from a disaster and you don't need to own this kind of solution.

Cloud Services Marketplace

Running an effective and efficient cloud strategy requires a self-service portal where you can manage all of the major cloud providers and your local virtualization in one place. With HP Cloud Service Automation, you can create a catalog for each organization or a single common catalog to be consumed via a simple web interface that even a non-IT user can use.

Cloud management software that makes it easy for your business to benefit from secure, compliant cloud services. Automate and simplify deployment and management of your choice of hybrid IT services.

Key Features

Offer line of business users a customizable, intuitive, self-service portal with a modern catalog shopping experience and mash-up capabilities.

Deploy advanced infrastructure and complex multi-tiered application-platform services by using a built-in, flexible, graphical service designer.

Simplify administration by using a complete IT operations management toolset with a single-pane-of-glass experience across traditional IT, and private and public clouds.

Deliver enterprise-grade cloud services in minutes. Transform IT to become cloud service brokers and provide an informed, transparent IT delivery for the hybrid cloud.

Analyze the consume of your cloud services, and get the best practices on critical KPIs, to measure your cloud usage.